Mega Wheel Review in Lotto247

Mega Wheel is another game from online casinos Lotto247 in India, profoundly roused by Big 6 and Money Wheels. Facilitated by professional vendors and offering every minute of every day ongoing gaming, Mega Wheel is a vivid thrilling live show where all players can expect a top award of 500x of the bet. We should take a loom in the background and sort out what’s going on with everything.

Mega wheel game Lotto247

Mega wheel strategy and tips

With regards to games of possibility, you should play them dependably as they can be adverse to your bankroll. Since no system can assist you with bringing down the house edge or increment your chances, you need to zero in on wagering. In this way, the following are a couple of wagering frameworks you can apply to capitalize on playing Mega Wheel. You can cover every one of the numbers with wagers. For this situation, you will bet on the number that will get a multiplier. Be that as it may, this is an exceptionally hazardous procedure as you can never tell how high a multiplier can be and whether the payout you win will cover the aggregate sum you have marked.

Another wagering framework is wagering on a mix of numbers. For this situation, you ought to cover the favored numbers with higher and lower chances of winning. To wrap things up, you can constantly wager on a solitary number and trust that it will get a multiplier. However you decide to play the game, watch out for your bankroll and put down moderate wagers. Games like this can be profoundly habit-forming, so playing capably is the most you can do to have a great time while guarding your financial plan.

Mega wheel app - Gameplay

The wheel comprises of 54 sections, similar to some other money wheel we have seen such a long ways in the games like this. As we have recently referenced, players can look over nine wagering choices that incorporate numbers 1, 2, 5, 8, 10, 15, 20, 30 and 40. They are appropriated on the wheel as follows:

The appropriation of numbers demonstrates the likelihood of winning. To lay it out plainly, the less sections a number has, the lower chances of winning. Since each number addresses a multiplier that applies to your bet, you can without much of a stretch get that those numbers that cover less fragments pay bigger awards.

To win an award at Lotto247 App, you want to put down a bet on the number the wheel stops on, yet the good times doesn’t end here.

Mega wheel game - Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Straightforward gameplay Not very innovative
High multipliers
Wide betting range

Mega wheel game RTP

As per Pragmatic Play, the RTP for Mega Wheel is 96.51%. This is better than expected for game show casino titles. Be that as it may, it actually lingers behind the biggest casino games like blackjack and baccarat. One admonition worth focusing on is that the RTP considers multipliers. In the event that you are by all accounts running a dry streak to the extent that supported successes go, your RTP will be lower.

Our staff at Lotto247 casino moved toward this delivery in two ways. The less difficult choice was to wagered on all numbers. This works out on the off chance that you get serious areas of strength for a success right off the bat. In any case, this wagering methodology is high gamble and not truly solid. Therefore numerous players, including us, utilized a choice of numbers. We utilized a blend of numbers that were probably going to show up, and numbers that could give a noteworthy payout. For instance, five wagers on number one, two on number five, one on number ten and one on number twenty.

Mega wheel game Lotto247

To make your own determination, our rundown beneath lets you know the likelihood to win for every accessible number:

Mega wheel live - bets

All the activity happens on a vivid, 54 portion wheel. The wheel is parted into nine unique numbers, every one offering an alternate payout. In any case, not all numbers show up with a similar recurrence. Certain numbers show up additional times, while others just show up once. The wheel spins, picking one of those nine numbers to be the triumphant number for that round. Our objective is accurately foreseeing that number!

By and large, the more times a number shows up on the wheel, the less significant it is to win. In the interim, the higher the payout, the less times that number shows up on the load up. We can see this somewhat clearly in the event that we separate the 54 fragments in light of how much of the time they show up.

The worth of each number relates to its payout. One awards a 1:1 payout, five offers a 5:1 prize, etc. In the event that you accurately think about what number will be drawn straightaway, you will win the round. Neglecting to do brings about a misfortune.


The Mega Wheel rules and gameplay are similarly straightforward as it gets. There is no significant bonus round that happens from spinning a specific section like in other game shows. The multipliers that get created go about as the fundamental element in the game. As we figured out above, you can win up to 500x your bet on the off chance that you land the top numbers with the biggest multipliers. Good fortune should be your ally to hit that kind of big award, however the open door is there.

The demonstration of figuring out the multiplier after you put down your wagers however before the spinning of the wheel carries an additional fervor to the game. Particularly in the event that a big multiplier is displayed and, you see the wheel halting close to one of your picked numbers. As we said at the top, Mega Wheel is definitely not another game in any way shape or form, yet it gives carefree amusement to the people who partake in the game show insight.

This game offers Indian players to utilize the following payment method strategies:

Most recent questions about Lotto247 Mega wheel

It accompanies the RTP of 96.50% (Read more about RTP here), wagers from 0.1$ to 1,000$ per round, and a top award of 500x of the bet.
The point of the game is to foresee where the pointer will land to win a separate award. Players put down wagers, and afterward live has spin the wheel to decide a victor.
Look at the best casino list. for this slot we arranged for you, and remember to guarantee a welcome bonus to begin your meeting with an optimistic outlook.
No, there’s no bonus round or free spins highlight accessible to players through Mega Wheels. In any case, there is a Bet mode through which you might possibly twofold or fourfold your successes.